Sunday, 28 August 2011

Ode to Woodsman's Cabin

Oh, little cabin in a wood,
A fine, upstanding force for GOOD,
What draws me back, what makes me stay,
To while day after day, away?

I love your sturdy oakiness,
Your unasham'ed folkiness,
Off beat, off grid but that's all right,
I love the night, by candlelight....

And though you're not considered 'plush'
(a compost loo that has no flush),
Simplicity, is good for me,
I can't think where I'd rather be.

Disclaimer: Your cabin correspondant is not and has never been a poet and any similarity to any poet alive or dead is entirely coincidental and unintentional.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Depths of Ignorance

Our guests staying at Fisherman's cabin have often asked us how deep the lake is, and the answer, until recently, was that we had no clue.  So one misty morning, Bob decided it was time to do a depth sounding.  For this we were going to need high tech kit such as rope and a weight.  First, we had to go and buy the rope because, despite being regular purchasers of this item, we never, ever seem to have any.  It just seems to vanish into a void along with socks and teaspoons.  Bob thought 12 metres ought to be enough, and we tied knots at one metre intervals and then attached a hefty weight.  We were then ready to commence the survey.  

Bob was obviously skippering the raft and it was my job to call out the readings.  I had a scrappy piece of graph paper on which to record them in case things got complicated and we set of on our voyage of discovery.  First reading, 10 metres out was 2 metres.  Next reading 20 metres out was 3 metres. 
Bob: "Ah ha!, it's getting deeper"
Next reading: 3 metres, 
Next reading: 3 metres, 
Me: "It's still reading 3 metres, Sir"  
And so on and so forth until we reached the far shore and it went back to 2 metres.  So no great abyss then. It was hardly the Mariana Trench.  We sheepishly disembarked with our 12 metres of knotted rope (which hung around for a while on account of having knots in it but has since disappeared) and now, at least, we know!

Sunday, 7 August 2011

New Toy

There was great excitement this week as we installed our new trail camera.  It's called the 'Ltl acorn' and the idea is that we can set it up in the hide or in the woods and see what wildlife comes our way.  Bob installed it a few days ago down by the wallow deep in the woods near Woodsman's cabin.  Next day, he set off bright and early to retreive the camera and then we excitedly viewed the footage.  Unfortunately, it's installation has coincided with a fungi frenzy!, the recent drought followed by warm rain seems to have produced a bumper crop of mushrooms, so the first 78 (or so) images were not of deer and boar as we'd hoped, but old men and women wandering through with baskets and sticks. Then, better, but not exactly wild - a lesser spotted Spaniel style dog mucking around, and at  last we got a couple of nice snaps of a little deer...


little deer

what the hell....?
The camera also has a timelapse option so we can use it to film the Autumn leaves as they change colour.  Can't wait for Autumn now.