Saturday, 14 May 2011

Simple is Good

Sometimes things that seem to be, at first, a disadvantage turn out to be the best thing ever.
If the cabin had been near an electricity pilon we might have thought about connecting to the grid and our lives would've taken us down a very different path.  But because this was not an option we started thinking about how we could make a functional little home from home with no mains services.  This led us into the seemingly mysterious world of 'alternative energy'.  We're still learning and experimenting.  The main thing is to keep it simple.  I was surprised to discover how little we actually need, but how difficult it can be to generate it yourself. I wouldn't describe myself as a consumerist but at home I'm surrounded by gadgets and machines, things humming away in the background, led's flashing menacingly.  At the cabin, the most techy thing we have is a whistling kettle - and what a pleasure it is to hear that! Tea anyone?

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