Monday, 23 July 2012

From Wags to Riches? (Part II)

Pops the Cat
As told by Pops the Cat.....  "So, she turns up with this ugly mug dawg in tow - I'm out mousin' in the field and I hear the kerfuffle and sidle over to see what's afoot.  Both of 'em have gone all gooey over this dawg - even my Master who, just hours earlier, had said it would never happen.  They don't even really like dawgs.  I slink off upstairs - they bring me up some of my Dreamies treats so I know they're trying to get round me - I can't believe they're gonna let 'im stay.  She prints off some 'Chien Trouvé' posters with 'is gormless little mug on and I keep my claws crossed that someone'll claim 'im.  They call 'im 'Skippy'. Barf. A few days later, he's still here and so I decide it's time to lay down a few ground rules.  The first thing I do is, I go and take a sniff and a lick of his food bowl - he just whimpers and lays down flat so then I drink from his water bowl and he doesn't seem to mind that either.  Dawgs are weird - stupid.  He wants to be friends and comes up close so I give him a well placed cuff across the nose and he backs off,  all meek like.  I s'pose he's all right in small doses.  He'll soon learn I run a fairly tight ship 'round here.  And, he keeps the neighbour's cats at bay. So if there is anything good to be said for keeping a dawg - that'll be it.
Skip the Dog

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