Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Cabin Chic - How one girl kicked the Ikea habit.

Woodsman's cabin
A while back, a cabinaute staying at Woodsman's cabin commented that our bright red bedspread was the same Ikea model as she had at home.  She'd just been to visit a friend in Australia who owned the same Ikea lamp as her.  We both decided right there and then that this global decorating thing should stop and that we'd never darken their stylish Swedish doors again.  I have to admit that I have lapsed on a couple of occasions since then, but I'm determined to put it behind me and search for more original alternatives.  

Our cabins' decor is inspired somewhat by my childhood fascination with the likes of Heidi and Little House on the Prairie on TV.  On one hand I was repelled by the cutesy, cloying sweetness, on the other hand I'm a sucker for a lofty bedroom you reach via a steep ladder and/or a hatch.  Anyway, I didn't get to watch these programmes much because my big brother would insist on watching Whacky Races or something, (which, secretly, was fine with me). Something must have stuck though, because I find I have a weakness for checks and polka dots when I think I should be buying the cool taupe alternative..... It's a fine line, I know. I sometimes go over the edge!  Luckily, we have a rich source of inspiration in the form of the many Brocantes and 'vide greniers' that take place regularly. There're plenty of hidden gems in amongst many items of dubious taste, and I've recently discovered that if I pop into my favourite brocante after lunch, when the Patron appears to have partaken in a few litres of red, he's much more amenable to a good deal.  Let the shopping commence....

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