Friday, 23 November 2012

Upcycling....and Cruelty to Knitwear.

WARNING! This blog contains themes of a folksy, thrifty, 'make do and mend' nature which some readers may find upsetting. If you find that kind of thing too sickly, look away now. 

It's inspired by a recent visit from 'Country Living' magazine who (I will casually mention) are going to be featuring Woodsman's cabin in an upcoming edition.  I was browsing their website in preparation for their visit and that's where I saw the idea.....

Every winter, we get a nice cosy jumper each, and every year I end up shrinking them in the wash.  Some last longer than others, but this is merely a stay of execution - I know that sooner or later, their fate will be the same.  I'm not sure why this keeps happening - one reason is that I really hate hand washing.  My Mum used to do my hand washing.  I never asked her to, she would just cast a weary eye over the pile festering away on my washing machine, break out the Woolite and then hey presto! it would be done and out, swinging on the line in the sunshine.  Sadly, my Mum passed away about 10 years ago, so, as you can imagine,  I now have quite a backlog.  They hang around and hang around until finally, one day I crack and shove them all in the machine.  Another reason is the machine itself.  Although it purports to be German, it refuses to conform to any national stereotype and will randomly throw in a boil wash or a manic spin cycle when I least expect it.  So one way or another - I've got a pile of ruined jumpers, suitable only for Lilipution jockeys and so that's why I was delighted to find I could 'upcycle' them.

I hesitate for quite a while before applying the scissors - it seems wrong somehow.  Steeling myself, I take one last squeeze and hug of the old friends and then dive in. 
A short time later I have acquired a (slightly utilitarian looking - would look good in any bomb shelter) hot water bottle cover (I had to turn this one inside out as it had also been a victim of paint crime) and a splendid cushion.  This is great, I can't wait for the next boilwash now.

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