Tuesday, 19 February 2013


We have long known about the existence of a large group of standing stones near to Fisherman's Cabin, but despite several attempts to locate them, until quite recently, their exact whereabouts remained elusive.  They are called Roches Eyzides.  Once, we found some coordinates on a dusty looking french website and set off to where we thought they must be, but these just led us to a field with some angry looking cows in and so we shuffled off home dejectedly.  Finally, I was driven to do the one thing that Bob says we must never do when lost, and that is to ASK SOMEONE!  And within seconds the mystery was solved and the location revealed.

The legend goes that a shepherd tending his flock was being menaced by a wolf.  He asked the genies or spirits of the forest for help but they were powerless against the wolf and so, after a bit of a conflab, decided the best thing would be to turn him and his sheep to stone.  Thanks for that you spirits, that's very helpful.

So now, standing an impressive six metres high, here is the petrified shepherd, and his stony flock are spread around and about him in the forest.  It's a great place for a walk or a picnic, just take no notice of any menacing wolves and, whatever you do, don't call upon the woodland spirits.

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