Monday, 29 June 2015

Flag Brag

I came across this website page all about old flags and suddenly became bewitched with the idea of making some covertcabin flags...I just could not understand why it hadn't occured to me before and immediately set about rectifying our flaglessness.

Stage 1:  I rummaged through my vast collection of fabric remnants and was suprised to find myself stocking almost no plain material.  Beggars can't be choosers though so I was forced to scrub whatever jolly colour combo's that had been forming in my mind and grabbed some old curtain lining and some scraps for the pennants and whizzed up the shapes in no time...

Stage 2:  The emblem for the main flag was to be our logo (brilliantly designed by The pennants were more tricky, we squabbled over different ideas for a bit until I caved in and left Bob to get on with them. It's for the best, he's good at stuff like that.  He printed his designs onto acetate and cut them out to make stencils, then I splodged on some fabric paint and we put in the eyelets.

Stage 3:  Bob was dispatched to the forest to get poles.  I went to get string and cleats etc;

Stage 4: We strung 'em up. Almost immediately, the breeze that had been blowing died and we were becalmed for days, waiting for our limp flags to flutter and spring to life...finally a little wind picked up and we were able to snap these pics...

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