Saturday, 5 September 2015

Berry'd Treasure.

At this time of year, bright red berries are the stars of the hedgerow show.  Wild Honeysuckle, like a bejewelled necklace, is snaking, alluringly through the forest, (poisonous to us but the birdies can eat them).
Wild Honeysuckle Berries

We can use the bright and beady Hawthorn berries to make jellies and jams and can also be used to flavour brandy.  Folklore suggests they can cure a broken heart, but can also kill vampires, so just beware all you lovelorn vampires out there!  
Hawthorn Berries

Then, curiouser and curiouser, are these hairy balls growing on the dog-rose.  I must have been walking past these year in, year out never knowing what they are, but further investigation reveals them to be gall wasp nests!!  They are commonly known as 'Robin's Pincushions' after the woodland sprite 'Robin Goodfellow' (a.k.a 'Puck)' who may come and do a bit of sewing for you in the night if he feels like it, although he might just sour your milk instead. One just never knows with Robin, pesky sprite!  
Robin's Pincushions

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