Sunday, 26 June 2011

Top Ten Sounds of Summer at the Cabin

Forget Glastonbury, here's our Countdown to the Best Sounds Around

10. Cry of a buzzard, circling in the warm thermals overhead.
 9. Thrumm of the Kingfisher's wings as he darts across the lake.
 8. Rustling and bustling of lizards in the leaves.
 7. The throaty chorusing frogs
 6. Sploop - a carp jumping out of the water
 5. Drrrrrrrrrr - the woodpecker busy at work
 4. Cuckoo - heard but never seen.
 3. Buzz of the bees, doing bee business
 2. Twitter of the local tit families
 1. The distant hum of some poor soul mowing whilst I'm in the hammock!

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