Sunday, 3 July 2011


If you follow the trail to the far end of the lake at Fisherman's cabin, to where the steeply sloping forest gives way to the marshy edges of the stream,  you'll find the place where Bob has built our wonderful new hide.  It looks a bit like the entrance to Badger's house in Wind in the Willows, (I imagine). It's got all mod cons in a rustic way, a little seat, space for yer binos, yer thermos and yer Tunnock's Caramel Log.  (You're going to need sustainance) and of course, a splendid view.  We've often seen tracks of deer, boar and other mystery animals in the muddy borders of the stream and now we have the perfect vantage point to observe their coming and goings.  Sit for a while completely hidden admidst the trees, listen to the bird song and see what you can see.....

Note to self: Check out possibility of 'Donate Tunnock's' button for website - we can't get them here.

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