Sunday, 10 July 2011

In Tandem

If you choose to spend your honeymoon at covertcabin you get to use our beloved tandem bike.  It's an excellent test of any relationship - teamwork is called for, as are coordination and good communication skills.  The person at the front is called the 'steersman' or 'pilot', the one at the back is called the 'stoker'.  The stoker has no control of brakes or steering so must (pretend to) have faith in the Pilot.  - The word 'stoker' implies that he/she is the powerhouse of the operation which, according to Bob, is clearly not the case when I'm sitting there.  But then, Bob and I have differing views on lots of things and cyling's one of 'em.  I like pootling along, being overtaken by snails, as I look at the hedgerow flowers and the birdies.  Bob sees every hill as a challenge to be conquered as quickly as possible and goes all sergeant majorish - which is bound to create dissention in the ranks!  But wait, I'm putting you off, there are advantages!  For one, we arrive wherever we're going at the same time, and as we wend our way along we bring pleasure to passers by who shout 'Allez! Allez!'  At least, I think that's what they're saying. By the way, the name tandem refers to the configuration of the seats - one behind the other - if they were side by side that would be called a 'sociable'.  They're still to be seen in some of the old fashioned seaside resorts - I'd love one of those! 

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