Friday, 29 July 2011

Gold Fever II - Bob actually finds gold!!!

But, not in the way he expected....  A couple of honeymooners arrived at the cabin on Tuesday and when I pitched up there in the evening with their cabincuisine dinner I found Mr Honeymooner flailing about in the lake with a bucket, seemingly involved in some kind of low-tech dredging operation.  He explained that he'd lost his newly acquired wedding ring whilst dismounting the raft and was searching for it.  He was relieved to hear that Bob has a metal detector (of course) and I arranged that he would look for the ring the next day.
We arrived the next morning, Bob wasn't too hopeful but we waded in anyway, and found a fishing weight....some nails and then....hey presto!...The Ring.   So hooray!, Bob saved the day (and, possibly, their marriage!)  

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