Saturday, 15 October 2011

An Inspector Calls...

In the Dordogne there are apparently more than 8800 lakes and the Department have now decided they need to do a census in order that they can be 'regularised'.  This week we received notification that it was our little lake's turn to be inspected and the Inspector duly arrived, complete with clipboard and a sidekick. Firstly, we answered a series of quickfire questions about what we used the lake for, where the overflow pipe was and if there were any buildings and/or people below that might be swamped should the dam give way.  Then the sidekick measured the dam with one of those measuring wheels on a stick, which must have been languishing in some school caretaker's cupboard for years and was in serious need of a drop of oil.  He squeaked his way across before confirming that the length of the dam was 50metres, which was corroborated by the Inspector's swanky up-to-the-minute satelite image of same.  After that, we had a bit of a chat about mushroom availability and le Rugby before they pootled off to their next appointment, Lake no. 8799 or thereabouts. Nice work if you can get it!

Fancy doing your own inspection of the lake at Woodsman's cabin?  It's so lovely here in the early Autumn Splendour.

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