Sunday, 6 November 2011


For some time now, I have been hankering after a 'housecoat'.  All my neighbours have one, or at least, the female ones do.  
These items are 'de rigueur' in Piégut and the surrounding area.  Practical and stylish, I'll be equally at home wearing it whilst I tour round my local supermarket (when teamed with tarten slippers) as cleaning the composting loo. 
But where would I go to find such an item in today's world?  Why, Piègut market, of course!!

So, to market then.  Every Wednesday morning people flood in from the surrounding countryside.  There's wonderful local produce on show - I do a quick body swerve though, to avoid this cheesemonger....and his accomplice.

He's not a 'voleur' as such, although I'll admit he does look slightly shifty in this photo, he offers you a sample of his cheese - you take it and yes, it's delicious, so you agree to buy some and then he cuts off a giant slice from his enormous wheel and then gets all arsy if you ask him to cut it in half.  I've seen many a bewildered customer who has just paid €30 euros for a piece of cheese.  You have to like cheese a lot to spend that much. 

On past the freshest fruit and veg displays, past wondrous olives and onions, salamis and sellers of knives, plastic tablecloths (don't distract me now), soap, pottery and jewellry.  I don't stop at the hat stall and try on a beret - because the stallholder has seen 'Frank Spencer' impersonations a million times and will tell me to put that hat down. On past jams and jerusalem artichokes, past unusually large pants and those undergarments that ladies wore before Lycra was invented.  Ah, here's a good selection....

But now I can't decide whether to go for the shorter button through style in drip-dry nylon - or the cotton crossover with a Liberty-ish print!  Oh well, maybe I'll leave it for now and go and get a coffee and a big cake instead. 

Get the look!
Piégut market takes place every Wednesday morning and is 5/6ish km from either cabin. 

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