Monday, 5 December 2011

A Victorian Gentleman's Turbine

One of the jobs on Bob's spectacularly long 'to do' list has been to upgrade our water turbine at Fisherman's cabin.  It's shortcoming was, that to turn it on and off, you had to sort of absail down the 12ft bank, avoid the alarmingly large hornets who chose this spot for their ill-placed nest, hack through tangly brambles and undergrowth and then wade into the stream in order to adjust the valve. Going to 'adjust the turbine valve' became to us a major undertaking, like 'finding the longitude' or the source of the Nile.  Bob's long held dream has been to have an open/closing valve operated by a switch in the cabin and this he as now fullfilled. He fitted a 'rack and pinion' device which is powered by a 12v motor, which pushes an arm to open and close the valve. ( I type these words with only the sketchiest of knowledge of how it actually works). He cannibalised these parts from a defunct running machine which was purchased on Ebay for £5.  He has also redesigned the blades and built a new housing - this last, for reasons best known to him, is in the form of a Victorian gentleman's 'davenport' and would not look out of place being carried up river by a bearer on Dr Livingstone's own search for the source of the Nile. And here's our own Victoria Falls.  Not.

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