Thursday, 2 February 2012

Timelapse Leafwatch 2011

So anyway, that turbine I mentioned in my last post turned out to be complete rubbish and had to be replaced with yet another one - which is working great! 

Just when I thought we'd got away with a mild Winter this time around and the buds were getting ready to burst with a portent of Spring, Winter has stomped back in with his big snowy boots on, accompanied by a blast of arctic winds and icy temperatures. However, this has presented us with an opportunity/excuse to stay indoors a lot and sort out our pics and work on some new ideas.

A few months ago we set up our timelapse camera to record a view of the lake as the Autumn leaves changed, and below you can see the results.  We had over 800 pics to choose from and it's been interesting (for us, anyway!) to see the leaves and raindrops come and go on the lake, the amazing diversity of skies and watching the little branch in the foreground losing its leaves.  Some shots captured the beautiful misty mornings and even reflections of vapour trails in the skies above. Others recorded some stunning sunsets. I'm in the process of choosing my favourites and will post them soon.... 




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