Friday, 24 February 2012


It's February and so technically still Wintertime, but it's icy charms are beginning to pall now and I'm really looking forward to the Spring.  The snow and ice have been great, but with temperatures well below or around freezing for a couple of weeks it was all getting a bit tiresome.  I wonder how the peoples of the Frozen North cope?  The lakes were frozen solid and I was oh so tempted to step out onto them and go for a skate.  I know, I know, that'd be a mad and dangerous thing to do, but still....  Bob offered to shove me out in the boat and I excitedely imagined whizzing across the ice like a human puck, but then he didn't seem to have made any provision for my safe return to shore so I had to reluctantly decline....

No Fishing, No Human Pucks

Great weather for spotting wildlife though, lots of hungry little birds deciding to take the risk and come a bit closer than normal to us, maybe preferring our company to a hen harrier (I think it was..)  and a splendid fox with a great bushy tail who we spotted slinking about in the forest.   We saw plenty of deer, and their tracks in the snow were everywhere, right up to the door of the cabin.   Now, the ice is finally melting and cracking, splintering noises can be heard echoing eerily across the lake.   It feels, almost, like Spring is on it's way, Yay!

Snowy Deer (Use yer bino's - it's there somewhere!)

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